Advertise Your Business
Sharp uniforms provide powerful, cost effective advertising inside and outside your shop. Red Kap’s leading-edge designs let potential customers know they’re dealing with the best of the best.
Improve Customer Perception
You only get one shot at making a great first impression. The way your counter staff and techs look can make all the difference. Red Kap’s high-performance fabrics keep a crisp, clean appearance all day long.
Lift Crew Morale
The more engaged your employees are, the higher your shop’s income is likely to be. Red Kap constantly gathers feedback from working pros so we can keep making our gear even better.
Enhance Employee Performance
You hire great people for a reason. So free them up to do their best work. Red Kap continues to raise the bar with products and features designed specifically for the unique needs of automotive pros.
Establish Expertise
For decades, studies have consistently shown that men and women in uniform are perceived as strong authority figures. Red Kap workwear helps your team look and feel like the experts they are.
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