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We’re excited to announce The Craftsmen, a video series profiling custom builders who embody Red Kap’s core values of heritage, craftsmanship and passion. These short, high-energy videos will each showcase a different builder. Viewers will hear their unique stories, plus see the high-performance works of art that earn these Craftsmen a place among this elite group.

California native Heath Pinter will appear first in the series. Pinter is a professional BMX rider, X Games champion and classic car builder. He also built Red Kap’s featured vehicle at the 2014 SEMA Show, a 1950 3-window Chevy truck.

Pinter’s distinctive build style and relentless passion for improving his craft has made him a natural fit to be featured in the series. Though he started out building vehicles for his personal use, his creations attracted enough industry attention to turn the hobby into a much more serious effort. His latest project is a 1928 Roadster. The finished build will be publicly unveiled in October when it’s entered into The Race of Gentlemen, a one-of-a-kind event held on the beaches of the Jersey Shore. Previous builds include a 1965 Lincoln Continental, 1954 Shoebox Ford, 1955 Buick Special, 1931 Ford Model A and 1950 Chevy Truck.

“Red Kap’s Craftsman series was developed to celebrate individuals that have a passion for building and follow those dreams to build, whether they are an expert or novice craftsman. They are not always professionals – many are weekend builders or hobbyists – but all have an unrelenting aspiration in a job done right, and we want to honor these individuals.” says Chris Holcombe, Vice President and General Manager of Red Kap.

We’ll continue to add more Craftsmen to this program in the months ahead. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates!

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